Using Nasal Drops | The Sinusitis Clinic

Nasal drops play an important part in the process of getting adequate symptom control. The majority of my sinusitis patients, who undergo an intensive course of nasal drops, combined with antibiotics, do not need sinus surgery.

Correct positioning

The drops have to get to the bridge of your nose which of course is between your eyes. The problem is you can only access your nose through the nostrils - it is not possible to defy gravity. If you try instilling drops by simply putting your head back, 80% of the dose will flow along the floor of the nose, run to the back of the throat and then be swallowed.

To avoid this, the nostrils have to be above the eyes i.e. your head has to be upside down. There are three common ways to do this. My preferred method is for patients to lie on their back, on the bed, with the head over the edge - see the video below.

Watch the video

We have uploaded a video to Youtube demonstrating the use of nasal drops.

Routine for administering drops

  • Blow your nose gently
  • Wash your hands
  • Shake the bottle
  • Remove the outer lid
  • Lie down on your back, with your head over the edge of the bed, looking at the ceiling
  • Turn the bottle upside down
  • Squeeze the bottle gently in each nostril to deliver the prescribed number of drops
  • Stay in head down position, looking at the ceiling, for 2 minutes to allow the drops to be absorbed
  • Sit up
  • Wipe the nozzle with a dry tissue
  • Replace the cap
  • Wash your hands